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   Annie Mouse Books



Anne M. Slanina, Ph.D.

       Author of The Adventures of Annie Mouse Series

Annie MouseGuardian Angel

Each book in the series explores the world through the eyes of a young child.  While the books together form a series, each has its own story line and the books can be enjoyed alone and in any order.

Like all young children, Annie is very literal and often misunderstands what adults are saying.   In our fast-paced world it is so easy to neglect to explain little things to children that adults take for granted.  All children see and hear troubling things happening around them, even if they are not experiencing these things in their own homes. Often, we think we are shielding children from things they are too young to understand, so we avoid discussing them.  At the same time, we are often confused by our children’s angry, hostile behaviors!   As much as we would like, it is unrealistic (and unhealthy) to think that we could shield them from all bad things.  Annie Mouse will help you start the discussion!  While sharing the books, discover how young children interpret adult language and situations and find out how Annie learns to cope with challenging life situations. 


To bring your family closer together, load up in the car, leave all electronics behind and take a road trip—explore Route 66 with Annie’s photo journal! If you can take the actual trip, enjoy reading about it with Annie!

 Annie Mouse’s Route 66 Adventure:

A Photo Journal

Come join Annie Mouse and family as they put their cares and worries behind them and take their first family vacation! Follow along as they drive across the  country exploring Route 66 on their way to visit relatives in California.  The Mouse Family visits attractions in each of the  route’s 8 states, making friends and learning about the history of The Mother Road along the way.

This Annie Mouse Adventure features the author’s original 

 photography and can be used as both a travel guide and a

 supplement to Social Studies text books.

Where the Rainbow Touches Ground

After Daddy reads the story of the leprechauns guarding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, Annie believes the story is true and sets off to search for the pot of gold.  Find out what happens when she gets lost and Daddy finds her.

Annie Mouse Meets her Guardian Angel

When Mommy yells, Annie thinks Mommy Mouse doesn’t love her. A great book to read with children and discuss parental anger and offer reassurance to children.

Baby Brother Goes to the Hospital

When Baby Brother Goes to the Hospital until he is “better,” Annie mistakenly believes he was sent away for being bad. A great story to discuss different meanings of words and discover your children’s fears and misunderstandings.

Annie Mouse Meets a New Friend

Annie’s new friend, Molly Mole, is blind. When the kids at school bully Molly, find out if Annie is a true friend or goes along with the bullies. A great way to open the discussion about peer pressure and friendship.

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Annie Mouse Books

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