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Annie Mouse Meets A New Friend

Written by Anne M. Slanina, Ph.D.

Illustrated by Lisa Akers Slanina

©2008 8 1/2 x 11, soft cover, 24 full color pages

Available in soft cover only

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Annie Mouse Meets a New Friend is the third book in a series designed to help adults guide young children through difficult situations. 


In this episode, Annie befriends someone who is different and in the process is subject to ridicule and risks losing her old friends.  After being torn between her loyalty to her old friends and her new, genuine friend, she  learns what it means to be a true friend. 


Ideal for discussions about peer pressure, bullying, befriending a special needs peer and friendship and loyalty.  Good for ages 3-12.

ISBN   978-0-9793379-3-2

Available in soft cover only.

ISBN   978-0-9793379-3-2

New Friend front cover

Front Cover

Annie Mouse Meets a New Friend ©2008

Third book in the series

Available in soft cover only.



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