Annie Mouse Books

Fifth in the Series

Annie Mouse’s Route 66 Adventure

Written by Anne M. Slanina

Illustrated by Kelsey Collins

8 1/2 x 11 Soft Cover ©2011

48 pages full color picture book

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Join Annie Mouse and her family on their Route 66 cross-country trip in this fifth Annie Mouse Adventure. Annie Mouse is excited to share the photographs that document her family’s experiences as they follow the route westward from Joliet, IL to Needles, CA. The Mouse Family visits attractions in each of the route’s eight states, making friends and learning about the history of the Mother Road along the way.


Road trips help bring families closer together and expose children to the many wonders of the USA. This adventure was inspired by the author’s many Route 66 trips and features her original photography combined with the trademark Annie Mouse illustrations.  This book is fun and educational and can also be used as a travel guide while traveling the route. It can also be used as supplement to Social Studies text books.

ISBN  978-0-9793379-6-3

Available in Soft Cover only

Suggested ages: 5-10

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